Muse Creation Newsletter – NEW (and free)!

It’s time to unleash a major, new part of My4HWW – “Muse News” – my new muse creation newsletter.  This is the first thing I’ve created for My 4 Hour Workweek that I’m really proud of, and excited to share with everyone here.

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The Muse Creation Newsletter

Warning: This is something you won’t find anywhere else. Thousands of websites will tell you “how to make money” (although what they tell you is usually very flawed), but no one will actually give you real ideas. No, I’m not looking for you to pay me. This is 100% free.

This is a newsletter subscription that I decided to create and make available to my readers in order to share information that I don’t feel comfortable sharing on my blog (since my blog posts are visible to Google and the rest of the world).

What I’m finding is that on a regular basis, lots of ideas go through my head, but I’m far too busy to really filter them or pursue them.

What this newsletter will do is give you the inside track to my mind. Generally, this is what you’ll see:

  • My concrete muse ideas and any relevant details – I might even get as specific as pointing out a domain name that I think you should register and use for a particular business.
  • Brainstorming dumps – I might do a 30-minute brainstorming session, pull out anything I may pursue myself, and then post the remaining notes in a newsletter for you to look through.
  • What I’m doing to make money for the ideas I do pursue – Most of this will be shared on the blog, but occasionally I will point out tools and other things that I find helpful and that are helping me make money with my muses.
  • My works in progress – You’ll notice that I don’t publically share the details of any projects that I’m working on. This is generally because I could be hurt by letting the world know about it (someone could steal an idea, etc.). I’m a lot more comfortable sharing this with a controlled group (i.e. the newsletter subscribers).
  • A first look at any upcoming releases – I’m working on a massive (and free) eBook about muse creation, and my newsletter subscribers will have access to it first once it’s complete.
  • Other information that I think you’ll find valuable, but that I don’t necessarily want to share with the world on my website.

Disclaimer: Some of my ideas may be bad, some of them have probably already been done, but I think there are some good ideas in there as well. While I am definitely open to comments and criticism of my ideas, please know that I am showing you everything – good and bad. I am well aware of the fact that some ideas may be impractical or just plain stupid.

The newsletter has no set timing – I’ll aim for weekly emails, but sometimes they’ll come once or twice a month instead. All you need to do is sign up, sit back, and enjoy.

Your email address will NOT be shared with anyone else. I hate spam as much as you do (aside from using it to do research) – I can guarantee that you will only receive email that has been written by me.

For those of you reading this post in an RSS reader, click here to go to the page where you can subscribe to the newsletter!

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2 Responses to “Muse Creation Newsletter – NEW (and free)!”

  1. The newsletter will really be a welcome treat to people so they will get to understand more about muse creation. May I also suggest your followers to check out a blog which is into muse creation too. Lots of luck, Eric!


    Eric Reply:

    Hey Mel – thanks for the comment. I’m a big fan of your site! Thanks for sharing it here. I have a lot to learn about outsourcing and using VAs, so it’s nice to know that your site is a good resource for this.


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