A Crazy Success Story That Should Motivate You

It’s amazing how “fluid” motivation can be.  One minute, you’re pumped and ready to dominate every challenge on your path, and the next minute, you’re demotivated, discouraged, and feeling like you just want to lay down and watch TV.  It comes and goes.  As aspiring entrepreneurs, we need to do whatever we can to keep that motivation around as long as possible.  It’s easier for some than others.

How do we create motivation?  There’s probably no easy answer to that, but one thing that has always motivated me (and I’ve probably mentioned this several times before) is the success story.  There’s something compelling about reading a real-life story or interview about how someone has overcome failure or some other obstacle to ultimately find success.  It somehow lights the fire in you and gets your motivational juices flowing (at least, it does so for me).

With that in mind, there’s a success story I came across on the internet recently that I want to share  with you, in case you haven’t seen it already.

A 10-Year Old Finds Success with Making Money Online

Some of you may know about Jonathan Volk.  He’s a blogger who generally writes about making money online through affiliate marketing.  Although I read his blog, I put him in the same “bucket” as John Chow.  Both are leading bloggers in the “make money online”/internet marketing niche, but now days, most of their blog content and newsletter content is promotional (lots of product reviews and use of affiliate links).

One thing I like about Volk’s blog though is that he does interviews on Friday, generally with people who are into affiliate marketing.  This past Friday, he interviewed a 10-year old kid who is absolutely crushing it.

This kid (his name is Bradley) started using the internet at age 5, and by the time he was 9, he was into affiliate marketing.  This absolutely blows my mind. I think when I was 9, I was probably big on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and probably spent my free time running around outside with the neighborhood kids.  Although I think we may have had a computer in my house at the time, there wasn’t a whole lot to do on it.  I realize today’s world is different (and I’m still at the young age of 25).

Bradley makes over $5,000 a month online.  $5,000 a month. If you’re like me, you’d kill for such results online.  And I’m sure he doesn’t work on his affiliate marketing in between reading class and history class or after his 10:00 bedtime (I actually have no idea when his bedtime is).  My point is, he has limited time available like you and me (especially if you work a day job like I do) and he’s still crushing it.

Now, I don’t doubt that this kid’s parents are helping him out a bit.  At the very least, I would think his accounts at various affiliate sites would need to be under their names (though I don’t know that for a fact).

Here’s a video that Volk included with his interview – it’s one that Bradley put on YouTube.  Warning: This video is really just semi-incoherent ramblings of a 10 year-old boy, but it’s still amazing that he’s able to describe the basics of affiliate marketing.  I guarantee this video will make you laugh.

My favorite quote was probably, “…but trust me, you’ll make over $500,000 soon…”  Really funny stuff.  While I do think this kid is bright for his age, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I don’t think I’d want to know him 8-10 years from now.  I won’t elaborate on that point, but maybe you understand what I mean.

That aside, go read the full interview.  It’s not so much that what he says is motivating, but the fact that he was able to dedicate himself to something and find massive success because of that dedication, at age 10.  If  he can pull it off, why can’t you?

I’m interested to see what you think, in the comments!

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11 Responses to “A Crazy Success Story That Should Motivate You”

  1. Oh my, this speaks volume when it comes to the END of the spectrum.

    My favorite part of your post? This:
    “I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I don’t think I’d want to know him 8-10 years from now.”

    I could not agree more.

    I have a problem with this, a 10-year old cannot grasp what $1,000 means. What it means to 99% of people anyway. Not in a spoiled bubble anyway.

    This kid is missing out on his childhood. The ‘beauty’ of this bliss? He may never notice, he will be too busy to make money…


    Eric G. Reply:

    Maryline, I definitely agree. I guess the motivational part of this story will only come if you can, for a moment, look past the kind of person this boy will become. Putting that aside, his results are quite amazing.


  2. I don’t buy it for a second. I just don’t believe that there are “9/10/11/12/13/ year old bloggers out there who are making thousands a month.

    It is obviously someone much older who is trying to set the internet alight by pretending to be a 10 year old.


    Eric G. Reply:

    I can definitely see your doubts, but I don’t think this is an older kid posing as a 10 year old. More likely, this kid’s parents help him out quite a bit. Somewhere in the interview, he mentions that his dad used to be into affiliate marketing, so I suspect he receives some help from there. I guess we have no way of knowing though. :)


  3. When I was 10 or 11, I made a website on one of those free website builder things. I had heard that you could make a fortune on the internet so I decided to try it out. I can’t remember the name of the site something like getrichquick.triod.com or makealotofmoney.triod.com or something like that. I made a dark green background and found a picture of a dollar that I used for the header. I wrote, “If you want to get rich quick, send a dollar to: my address.” No one sent me a dollar and I couldn’t understand why. Anyways, that was my first try at making money online. I’m now 26 and make a full time living online (as a freelance writer not an IM).

    P.S. I loved TMNT when I was a kid. Whenever I played with the neighborhood kids, we acted out scenes from the cartoon. I always wanted to be April and be rescued. Funny stuff!


    Eric G. Reply:

    That’s pretty funny, Ally. I wonder why no one sent you the dollar? 😛 It’s awesome that you’ve gone from attempting to get rich one dollar at a time, to now making a full time living online. I’m envious of that for sure.

    And yes, TMNT was one of the best shows ever when we were kids!


  4. Hi,

    Glad I saw your tweet about your article ! That’s how I stumbled on this article.

    I definitely don’t believe this 10 y.o. kid made that money alone, if he did anyway (?). Are there any proof of his clickbank account or something ? Hmmm … I don’t want to swallow everything I hear or read or see on the internet. That would make me gullible.

    Anyway, even if he did make money, how much did he invest into AdWords or other advertising media ???

    I’m quite skeptical about all this. But one thing’s for sure … gosh, does this kid brag ! Without saying he’s a brat, I, too, wouldn’t like to cross his road a few years from now.

    Anyway, I wish him luck and hope he’ll now focus on his education … on a more personal level like self-improvement.

    Thanks for the post, though.



    Eric G. Reply:

    Hey Max, thanks for stopping by and commenting. As far I know, there’s really no proof that he’s earned this amount of money. Your skepticism is definitely appropriate, and you’re right, you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.

    As I mentioned before, I’m willing to be he gets a lot of help from his dad, who is a former affiliate marketer. I don’t really doubt that the interview is genuine (Volk is a pretty respectable blogger), but yeah, who really knows what’s going on behind the scenes when this kid is supposedly earning all of this money.

    Like you said, let’s hope he focuses on his education for the next 12 years and doesn’t get caught up thinking that making money comes easily. That kind of thinking can really mess a person up.


  5. Hi Eric,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Like you, I get motivated hearing stories of success as well. Creative energy either flows or it doesn’t for me. When I am on, I am on all night. But when that surge is tapped out, I go dry for awhile until something triggers me again, and it’s usually a story like this that gets my wheels turning. “If he can do it, I can do it” and “What’s he not doing, that I could be doing” are two constant questions I run through my mind.

    Interestingly enough, I have been approached by a web designer in India, via Elance.com, to monetize a bunch of domains I own. His methods sound very similar to what this ten year old kid is doing. The domains I own have good names, but I am not usuing them for anything right now. His team will write content, find affilaites, set up the links, and manage the whole thing for me for just $150 per domain, plus 30% of the revenue. Expectations are revenue will be $50-$200 per month, per site. For the 15 sites I own, that could be pretty substantial passive income. It’s just totally outside my realm and I don’t know if it’s a good deal or not. Anyone have any insight?


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the comment, Bill. Your thoughts on creative energy are right in line with how I feel. In fact, I’m going to be posting about a new feature on the blog today that’s going to help out people like us who seek motivation from external sources.

    As for your question, I’m a little bit skeptical of this web designer from Elance. How did he know you had good domain names to approach you about them? There are plenty of good designers out there who will build you a website for a flat fee (or hourly fee). Personally, I wouldn’t work with someone who also wants a cut of the revenue, especially as high as 30%. In my mind, you want the transaction to be complete once the site is done. You don’t want to worry about accurately calculating his cut every month – aside from losing a cut of the revenue, this is an addition administrative headache for you. And does he want 30% of the revenue for the rest of the life of the website? It’s a situation I would definitely want to avoid.


  6. You never know, he might get big in 8-10 years. He’s only 10 after all. I’m just curious where he gets these stuff from.
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