Advice From the Comments: Getting Started with Your Muse

In response to my post Micro Muse Creation, a reader, Rick, shared his thoughts.  As a person with a lot more experience than I have, I feel the need to share his comments with everyone else (since I’m guessing many people don’t go back to check the comments).  Here were his comments, unedited:

Eric, you seem to be on the right track to some degree here, but allow me to offer a couple of suggestions. The most important thing to have is an idea. Well, that may not be as dumb as it sounds, but the basis of any business is to offer something that people either don’t want to be without or can gain something by having. Also, a lot of people forget the old-school idea of finding a need and filling it.

I made a great living for about 6 years because I found a market that was under-served. As soon as I started my little newspaper (this was in the 80s, so, yeah, ancient history), it took off because it provided people with at least some incling of what was going on in their little area (it happened to be downtown Rochester, NY).

Anyhow, my point is that trying to come up with the perfect idea is sometimes right under your nose. Also, I wouldn’t suggest adsense unless you can devote a good deal of time to a site, get good rankings in Google and thus, solid traffic. I get enough to almost make a living, but for now, it’s solid passive income, and it comes in every month without fail, allowing me to pursue other interests. For adsense to work, you need a niche, lots of pages (generally) or a few with huge traffic. Might I suggest writing about something that you are expert at. In your case, you might write 25 computer tests and repairs you can do on your own, or Straight talk accounting for new small business owners. Something along those lines. Do it as a PDF, put a paypal link on it and promote it on this blog, maybe elsewhere, maybe by email. I did that with a word document 5 years ago and it still brings in money every month.

Just a couple of points. Create multiple income streams that act like tributaries all flowing into one large river of dough. Also, a couple of your “cons” are actually not.

Very small niche is necessary to gain visibility – this is good. You won’t have to spend much time or money on marketing and you’ll have a very rapt audience.

Chance of success is low – depends on your definition.

Easily duplicated – also, depends on how original your idea is. You’d be amazed at the opportunities we all pass by every day because we’re so American – lazy, unmotivated, unable to evaluate risks and/or assign value and generally not very enlightened.

Thanks Rick, I appreciate your comments.  You make a lot of good points, which I will definitely keep in mind as I develop my muse/online business(es).
30-Day Challenge Update – Day 17 (2/11):

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