Batching & Automation Challenge, Day 2: Grocery Shopping

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I’ve used this example before, but allow me to go into greater detail.  Grocery shopping is something we all do, mostly out of necessity.  Personally, I enjoy grocery shopping, but it’s often a huge inconvenience.

If you work a typical, busy work week, you probably do your grocery shopping on Saturdays or Sundays.  Guess what?  So does everyone else.  If you’ve ever been grocery shopping on a weekend afternoon, you understand what I’m talking about.  The parking lot is filled.  The store is filled with shuffling carts, blocking aisles and slowing you down.  Between finding a parking spot, navigating the store, and waiting in line to check out, grocery shopping on a weekend afternoon can easily double the time it takes you to do your shopping.

In order batch this activity and have work effectively, I propose the following adjustments to my (and your) grocery shopping plans:

1) The obvious adjustment – batch your grocery shopping.  Instead of grocery shopping once per week, grocery shop once per month (or once every two weeks if you can’t quite get once per month to work).

2) Do your grocery shopping on a weeknight.  This may feel like the least convenient time, but one hour on a Wednesday night could save you 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon.  Wouldn’t you rather have that extra free time on a Saturday?

3) Plan your list before you go.  This is a classic grocery shopping tip, but I find myself failing to do this almost every time I go shopping.  By making a list, you can make adjustment #1 work for you more effectively.  Without a plan, you have a harder time calculating the food necessary for an entire month.  If you spend 10-15 minutes creating your list, you can more accurately plan your grocery shopping trip and can more easily get what you need to last you (and your family) an entire month.  “But Eric, couldn’t I save 10-15 minutes if I don’t bother making a list?”  Nonsense.  By making a list, you can move in and out of each aisle quicker and probably save yourself more than the time it took to make the list.  One last benefit of making a list – you save yourself from spending money on impulse purchases (or at least make it less likely).

4) Consider a membership at Costco or Sam’s Club.   If you’re going to be batching your grocery shopping, it may make sense to take advantage of quantity discounts by buying your groceries in bulk.

 Time Savings

  • Estimate of current time spent grocery shopping (including travel time to and from the store): 1 hour/week (4 hours/month)
  • Estimated time spent with above grocery shopping plan: 1.5 hours/month
  • Monthly time savings: 2-4 hours

There is some cost savings inherent in this grocery shopping plan as well, but it would be too diffcult to calculate with any accuracy.

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  1. Sam’s club also offer a shop online or fax option which allows you to order when you want & schedule s time to go pick it up. For regular consumable items, this is great. While this may not be the cheapest option (you’ll miss possible discounts), it is a definite time saver.


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