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How to Earn Money INSTANTLY From A New E-mail Subscriber (Without Selling to Them)

The old saying goes, “the money is in the list.” Frankly, I’ve gotten sick of hearing that over the years.  As someone who has a fairly large e-mail list (around 6,500 subscribers), I make very little money with my e-mail list.

In fact, I may even be losing money with it.

Why do I bother keeping a list? Because the benefits generally extend beyond the money. For example, I was able launch The Daily Interview earlier this year and have instant traffic to it, thanks to my e-mail list.  It’s a powerful resource to have.

Today, I’m going to talk about something entirely different – a way to make money from your e-mail list right when someone subscribes, and you don’t even have to sell to them.

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Is Freelance Writing Worth Your Time?

I originally started this blog with the concept of “passive income” front and center.  Therefore, I can’t blame you if you think it’s somewhat ironic that I’m looking into freelance writing as a way to supplement my other online income sources.

After all, freelance writing is anything but passive – you are paid as direct compensation for writing that you produce.  If you’re not actively doing any writing, you’re not making any money (okay, so this is basically like any other “normal” job).

So, as I entertain the idea of becoming a freelance writer in some capacity, I need to determine if it’s worth my time.  Let’s figure it out together.

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5 Awesome Online Businesses and WHY They’re So Successful

Due to my recent string of bad earning months, I’ve found myself looking for a new direction to where I want to go with my online business.  Most of my ideas revolve around creating website content (i.e. traditional blogging for a given niche), but I’m open to exploring other options.

This downturn in my online business has led me to research and explore other online businesses that are currently finding a lot of success. I’m not looking to become a copycat of any sort, but I do think that you can look at any successful business and take away at least a few gems of information that can help you build or improve your own business.

So, I present to you, five online businesses that I’ve decided to take a close look at, and really get to the heart of why they’re so successful.

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Is CashCrate Legit? Here’s My CashCrate Review

If you read my recent income report, you saw that I had my best earning month online ever (at least, up until that month).  A big part of that was thanks to CashCrate, where I earned a pretty nice chunk of change – $512.78.

I didn’t want to write too much about CashCrate until I could officially determine whether or not it is a legitimate source of earning money online, but today, I’m finally able to go into some detail.

Keep reading, I’ll explain it all.

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