How to Dominate with Infographics the EASY Way

We’ve all seen infographics – typically, they are larger images that cover a specific topic, and provide various information in a creative and visually-appealing way.

They’re interesting to look at, and the good ones tend to go viral.  If you’re not a Photoshop enthusiast and don’t really have a creative bone in your body, you might feel like creating an infographic is a bit of a stretch.  Here’s the solution I found, and why I’m excited to start creating infographics.

Why Infographics are Excellent for Authority Sites

The reason I’ve decided to look into creating infographics is because of the benefits they offer in terms of traffic and natural link building.  If you can create an infographic that is interesting and useful, people will tend to share it.  In many cases, if they post it on their sites, they will include a link back to yours (ideally).

Here’s a quick infographic that I created, which outlines the benefits of infographics for authority sites:

Add this infographic to your site using the code below:

This isn’t the greatest infographic, but it only took me about 30 minutes to create (I’ll explain how below).  It may seem like a bit more time and effort to create an infographic compared to writing a quick 500 word article, but it opens your content up to being shared in different ways.  Besides, people like images (Pinterest’s rapid growth is proof of that).

How I Created An Infographic So Easily

If I were left with a tool like Photoshop to create Infographics, I probably wouldn’t get anywhere.  Maybe I could make something half decent, but it would definitely take me hours.

I recently stumbled across Piktochart on AppSumo (AppSumo is almost like a Groupon for internet marketing tools and info. products), and found that Piktochart’s deal was pretty decent: $49 for a year of “pro” access.  Typically, the service costs $14.99/month or $129 for a year.

I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who isn’t planning on creating several infographics.  If you’re just going to make one, hire someone on Elance to create it for $50 and not have to worry about spending time creating it yourself.  But if you have one or more authority sites and want to integrate this into your marketing/backlinking strategy, it might be worth grabbing.

There are over 50 infographic themes, each of which are fully customizable with a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to change colors, add graphics (most of the ones you see in my infographic above were part of the list of graphics already included in the application), and change sizes of everything.

[A sample of some themes you can choose from.]

How to Actually Make Your Infographic Go Viral

So, you’ve created a great infographic – now what?  As with any kind of content we create online, the most challenging task is to actually get eyeballs on that content.  In addition to sharing your post (that contains the infographic) on your usual social networks, here some additional tips to help make your infographic go viral:

1) Allow People to Embed Your Image on Their Sites

If you want people to repost your image on their site and include a link back to your site, you have to make it easy for them to do so.   To create the embed code box that you see above underneath my infographic, I used this embed code generator.

2) Pin Your Infographic on Pinterest

Pinterest has become incredibly popular, as you probably know.  It’s definitely THE place to share images, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t overlook it when you begin sharing your infographic.

After you pin your image on Pinterest, you want to make sure others can too.  To make it easier for people to repin your image, you can add one of the many Pinterest plugins available for WordPress or you can check out Pinterest’s own page that has “Pin It” buttons you can add to your site or an individual post.

3) Network with Other Bloggers in Your Niche

Just like when you’re looking to write a guest post for another site, it helps to network with other bloggers/site owners.  Reach out to other bloggers in your niche and personally share with them your infographic.  Thank them in advance for sharing the image with their readers, but mention “no hard feelings” if they’re not interested.

This networking strategy becomes a lot more effective if you can establish a relationship before asking for a favor.  How can you do that? One easy way is to simply comment on their posts and share their content.  Retweet a post. Share one on Facebook.  Send them a brief e-mail telling them how much you liked a particular post, and why.  It’s easier than you think to flatter someone and get them to know who you are.

Don’t ask for a favor in return right away, or else your “friendly” actions become immediately transparent, and they’ll know what your true intentions are.

4) Submit Your Infographic to Image Directories

There are a number of directories to which you can submit your infographic.  I can’t say how effective all of these will be, but it’s worth doing if you’re really trying to get your infographic out there in as many ways as possible.  Here are some directories to check out:

  • Daily Infographic – This site is pretty selective; if you submit an infographic, they evaluate it and decide whether or not they want to feature it on the site.
  • Cool Infographics – Similar to Daily Infographic, your infographic is manually approved and published.
  • Infographic Journal – You can submit your infographic subject to approval (free), or pay $25 for a guaranteed posting.
  • – This one is probably your best free option, as you can submit an infographic and it’ll be accepted (no picky approval process).  The site may be a little confusing to navigate, but I was pretty impressed.
  • I Heart Infographics – Free to submit, but subject to approval.
  • OMGInfographics – Free to submit, but subject to approval.
  • RateMyInfographic – Free to submit, but subject to approval.

That’s All!

I’ll admit, I’m pretty new to infographics – having seen them for years, I never thought about creating one.  But after seeing that it’s relatively easy to create one and get it out there, I think it’s worthwhile process.

Like anything else, the key is quality.  If you slap together a low quality infographic, it probably isn’t going anywhere (much like a low quality article/blog post).  A high quality infographic is a lot like a pillar article – people are just dying to share it.  That’s what you want.

Do you have any other good infographic tips, or know of some additional places we can submit them?  Please share in the comments!

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16 Responses to “How to Dominate with Infographics the EASY Way”

  1. Thanks for sharing those infographic tips. I had also been afraid to make one myself because I have no graphic design abilities.

    I also never realized there were so many places to share your infographic.
    Mike recently posted… My Halloween Experiment


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the comment, Mike. I’m the same way, as far as graphic ability goes. Fortunately, there are some good applications out there that make it easier to do.


  2. Thanks for the hint!
    Daniel recently posted… Build Your Personal Brand


    Eric G. Reply:

    No problem!


  3. What I’d be interested in is a list of blueprints for how and what information to lay out in an infographic so that it’s not perfect but so that it fits into that Goldy Locks “Just Right”.

    I’m sure there’s some post out there by someone but if there isn’t, it seems like I’ve given you an idea for another post. :)
    Lewis LaLanne recently posted… Small Business Marketing Strategies To Be Learned From A Man Who Robs Drug Dealers For a Living


    Eric G. Reply:

    Good points, Lewis. It’s one thing to know how to design an infographic from a design perspective, but figuring out the right information/data to include is also very important.


  4. great post buddy

    these certainly get my attention. the key is to walk away feeling you received value, thus the quality factor you emphasized.

    they are def a lot easier to consume/digest. I think we will see an increased use of these. the pinterestability of them is also very good.
    Sunil l Expediting Wealth Through Extra Income recently posted… Various Article Marketing Strategies That Work & What Works Best


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Sunil. Infographics are definitely eye-catching and easy to digest. Part of me wonders if this is just the next/current internet fad (even though they’ve been around before the internet existed, technically), or if this is something that all content marketers will eventually need to jump on board with.


  5. Great article. I am a big fan of infographics. I find posts that contain them far more interesting and appealing, and easier to read.
    Elena Anne recently posted… Dark Under-Eye Circles


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the comment Elena!


  6. Pinterest is certainly a great way to attract targeted traffic in quick time, however no one can ignore the power of social media but generally it takes huge efforts and time to generate result.
    Becca recently posted… End Of Lease Cleaning Wollstonecraft


    Eric G. Reply:

    True, you do need to put in a lot of time/effort if you want great results. But isn’t that the case with anything worth doing, if you want to do it well?


  7. Hi Eric,
    I’m also a big fan of infographics. They are nice to look at and they make a post more attractive to readers.

    Yesterday, I came across a post that mentioned the benefits of creating and sharing infographics on Pinterest.

    Now, you also wrote about it and provided tips on how to make them go viral. I like the idea of submitting them to image directories.

    Thanks for providing this information and giving us ideas!
    CreditDonkey recently posted… Teenagers and Credit Cards


  8. Thanks for all the great info, I have been wanting to to try and make an info graphic and have a couple ideas i have been working with


  9. Hi, Eric! I always wondered how to create an infographic. Thanks to your article, all I have to do is get the tool and follow your tips. :)
    Cristian Stan recently posted… Best Deep Fryer Reviews


  10. I love infographics, And I didn’t realize they were that easy to make. I will have to check it out.
    Shane recently posted… Why keyword negatives are important


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