How to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season with Your Niche Site

While I put the finishing touches on the next section of my AdSense micro-niche site case study, I wanted to write a relatively quick post about the holiday season, which is fast approaching.  Although it doesn’t really hit until mid-late December, people are buying now, which is why it’s important to be thinking about it now.

The holiday season brings an obvious increase in buying, especially online, which is something you should try to capitalize on wherever possible.  Here are a few things to try…

1) Get in touch with the “Black Friday” craze.

Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving,  is traditionally when retailers go from the red (i.e. a loss for the year to date) to the black (i.e. profit, year to date) but for you, this should just be a golden opportunity (because hopefully your niche site has already been profitable).  For just about anything you can think of, people will be searching for it along with the keywords “black friday.”  Consider writing a post about it on your blog, as it pertains to your niche.  For example, if you have a niche site about “toaster ovens,” you should write a post titled something like “Black Friday Deals for Toaster Ovens 2011.”

You may not know where all the toaster oven Black Friday deals are, so how do you add value to the reader?  Typically, what I like to do is link to some of the best priced items on Amazon (affiliate links of course), but then also throw in a link to the Slickdeals’ Black Friday page, which is a great resource that many people may not know about.

2) Don’t forget about Cyber Monday.

This is basically the same thing as Black Friday, but it’s a way to keep people in the buying mood online for the Monday that follows Black Friday.  Be sure to write a post focused on the keywords “Cyber Monday” as well.

3) Write “top” lists!

Lists are popular in general, but during the holiday season, they can drive sales.  If your niche is “computer printers”, you might write a post titled “Top 10 Computer Printers for the 2011 Holiday Season.” Using the year is key, as many people, when buying gifts (especially technology-related), will use the current year in their search to make sure that they are receiving relevant results.

Even if your niche isn’t product focused, you can still take advantage of this.  If you write about dogs, then write a post titled, “Top 5 Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Family” or if you write about European travel, you can write something like “Top 2011 Gifts for the European Traveler.”  As you can see, this is applicable in almost any niche.

4) Start building an e-mail list if you haven’t already.

What better time for a giveaway than the holiday season? If you’ve been meaning to offer a giveaway digital item in exchange for someone opting into your e-mail list, now’s a great time.

This can even be combined with some of the ideas above.  Using the computer printer niche example, you might write a quick 3-5 page PDF titled “The Ultimate Computer Printer Buyer’s Guide for 2011.”  Use this to capture e-mail addresses, and within the PDF, link back to some of your older posts (which contain affiliate links, of course).  Do you see all the possibilities here?


As you can see, the holiday season gives you a lot of opportunity to both add content to your niche site and increase your online income.  The thing is, you need to start now if you haven’t already.  Time is definitely running out!

I’m sure my ideas aren’t comprehensive either…what are some good niche site tips that you have for the holiday season? Share them in the comments! :) 

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7 Responses to “How to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season with Your Niche Site”

  1. This post definitely made me some money. The reason why I subscribe to sites like this is it offers little nuggets of info that can really help refine your online marketing game. I already knew the importance of holiday season but this helped me take better advantage of it. Thanks for the great post.


    Eric G. Reply:

    No problem Dan, thanks so much for the comment!


  2. Eric, some good advice here! This is my first holiday season with Amazon monetized sites so I’m going to try and take advantage of the buying season. In fact, I stayed up late last night crafting an Black Friday email to send to my list. Now gotta do the same for Cyber Monday. I think I’ll also email some Top 10 lists throughout the month.


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Harlan! This is such a key time to take advantage of buying, simply because everyone is buying. If you can get traffic to your Amazon sites, there’s no doubt you’ll make a killing.


  3. I don’t own any holiday season niche website but I worked for people who do and they started one month ago or even earlier. Being fist and being prepared, definitely is the way to go.


    Eric G. Reply:

    Definitely! Thanks for the comment Cristian. :)


  4. really good and useful points for have some good money in our pocket, Thanks Eric for sharing this informative post.
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