My Online Income Report [November 2013]

Wow, this is the latest I’ve ever posted a monthly income report!

I’ve been super busy with work, family/holiday events, and getting my new site ready for its launch in January. I’m definitely in that phase where I’m working hard now to reap the benefits later.  They’re not going to come quickly, but they will come.  Soon enough.

Despite being busy with a million other things, I do believe it’s important to make time to reflect on the results of the previous month, so let’s get right to it.

Why Do I Bother Writing Income Reports?

It’s been a long time since I’ve answered this question, and I think it’s good to occasionally revisit why you do something.

For me, the income report has always been about accountability.  If I know that I’m going to write about every little detail of my online business, especially income results, I’m going to want to make them as strong as I can.  No one likes failure, but public failure is even more painful.

With that said, I also write these reports to show you what is (or isn’t) possible when it comes to making money online without too much work.  I don’t have the awe-inspiring income that some others bloggers report (you know, those regular five-figure months), but I do make a modest amount that pays a lot of the bills, and I do it all while working a “9 to 5” job and generally not spending more than 1-2 hours per week on my online projects.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a good thing – it would be a lot better for me if I spent more time with my online business, so that I could take my income to the next level.  I’ll get there eventually, and hopefully with my new site that will be rolling out next month.

It’s a long journey, folks, and hopefully the monthly income report continues to provide you with an insight to that journey.  One day when I am one of those five-figure monthly people, hopefully you’ll be able to look back and understand exactly how I did it.

At least, that’s the goal with these income reports. :)

I didn’t actually do any freelance writing in November as I am still spending all my efforts on the new site.

As usual, InfoBarrel and Squidoo provide a tiny bit of income…

Freelance Writing Income – November

  • None!

Other Article-Related Income – November:


  • Amazon: $0.00
  • Revenue Sharing: $0.00


  • Revenue Sharing: $6.17
  • Amazon: $0.00

Total Writing Income: $6.17

“Daily fantasy sports” is something I’ve included in my last couple income reports, however this is probably the last month I’m going to report earnings from these sources.

If you want to read a little more on what it’s all about, check out my last month’s income report.

Here are my net winnings (i.e. profit) for November:

Total: $45.69

Lending Club

I really love Lending Club, and can’t wait until I’m in the position to invest more savings here.

As I mention each month, this is one of my favorite online passive income sources, because I believe it’s my only truly passive income source. What I mean by this is, once you select your investments (which only takes a few minutes), you sit back and collect the monthly payments which include a repayment of your initial investment + a relatively high rate of interest.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Although I suspect the stock market is a better investment long term, it’s a lot riskier (which is why you’re compensated with higher expected returns). Investment in Lending Club loans, when combined with a good strategy, can net you a great return (the average investor sees returns of 7%+) without the same level of risk.

The good times keep on rolling as I had another nice positive month, seeing my net annualized return climb to 5.58% (+.16% from October), and I increased the number of loans I invest in, to 190 (+3 from Octobber).

If you’re interested in trying Lending Club, you can sign up with this link and get a free account. I am an affiliate for Lending Club, so if you have any questions about it, I’d be more than happy to answer them in the comments (or feel free to contact me by e-mail).

If you’re unsure whether this type of investing is right for you, you can start with $25 and build from there.  I’ve said it many times before, but to really benefit from this form of passive income, you need to make several $25 investments not only to earn more interest, but to diversify as well.  One or two $25 investments isn’t going to do much for you.

Prosper is another site where I invest, which is a social lending platform very similar to Lending Club.

The 4 loans that I originally invested in when I opened my Prosper account are still doing quite well.  As of right now, my rate of return is 13.61% (+0.45% from September).  I expect this rate to level off as I have not yet invested in any new loans.

It may seem that I’m doing much better here compared to Lending Club, but that’s a bit misleading.  Because I only invest in 4 loans (vs. 190 at Lending Club), and none of them have defaulted, my rate of return % is going to be very high.

I think I still prefer Lending Club to Prosper, only because you have more flexibility in choosing investments, and there is more transparency overall.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with investing on both platforms though; I will continue to do so.  If you’re interested, you can create a Prosper account here.

Nothing really new here, as niche sites are not a current focus of my online business.  Once my new site launches and is running smoothly, I may go back to see if I can fix up any niche sites and determine if they’re worth keeping before letting the domains expire.

Here’s a summary of November’s niche site earnings:

  • Amazon: $7.84
  • $0.00
  • Chitika: $0.00
  • InfoLinks: $0.00
  • Commission Junction: $0.00
  • Total: $7.84

Similar story here as with the new sites.  Technically, my new site I’m working on will be an “authority” site, so that should eventually be a huge boost to this section of the income report.

Authority Site #1 (Not Revealed)

This site is still inactive, but continues to earn a bit of money.

November Earnings:

  • $0.96
  • $1.17
  • Total: $2.13

Authority Site #2 (Slow Carb Diet Experiments)

November Earnings:

  • Amazon: $0.00
  • $0.12
  • Total: $0.12

Total Authority Site Earnings: $2.25

Here’s the breakdown for affiliate and other income earned during November.  [Note: This income comes from other sites not discussed/listed above, including affiliate sales generated through this blog.]

Total Misc. Affiliate Earnings for November: $302.45

Income Summary

Here’s a summary of November’s earnings, organized by category:

  • Freelance Writing: $6.17
  • Daily Fantasy Football Contents: $45.69
  • Niche Sites: $7.84
  • Authority Sites: $2.25
  • Misc. Affiliate Income: $302.45

Grand Total for November: $364.40 (+$110.57 from October)

Although still not a great month, it’s nice to see a jump of over $100.  Hopefully we’ll keep this positive trend going, although I don’t expect to see any great advances until the early part of 2014.

Remember, all my current sources of income online are truly in passive/autopilot mode right now, as all the work I am currently doing relates to my new site.

It’ll be interesting to see where that goes!

These were my top 5 most popular blog posts in November based on number of views:

1) 142+ Ways to Make Money Online

2) Is CashCrate Legit? Here’s My CashCrate Review

3) 7 Blogs I’m Thankful For (and 7 Posts You’ll Love)

4) My Online Income Report [October 2013]

5) 5 Awesome Online Businesses and WHY They’re So Successful

How was your November?  What’s on the horizon for you with the new year coming? Share in the comments!

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18 Responses to “My Online Income Report [November 2013]”

  1. Well Eric, this report is a reflection of what happens to a website that has been “abandoned”. It goes to show that if nothing is done with regards to a website or blog, no income should be expected.

    The income report reflects a static report even with some little passive income here and there. Hopefully, things will improve as you begin taking more action on this website after your ‘super busy’ period.

    In the content syndication and social bookmarking website –, the above comment was left where I found this post.

    Sunday – contributor for


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the feedback, Sunday. Hopefully things will be turning around soon!


  2. I agree, this is a long journey. For some it’s longer than others but blogs like yours help inspire those to keep moving forward.

    My plans for the next year include getting out of the niche site business entirely. At least I don’t plan on building any new ones. It took all of 2013 but I discovered my strengths in online business and I’ll be sticking to publishing and app development. My first app was just released 2 days ago and I’m starting to work on the next one. It’s a new phase in my business and one of the challenges I’m taking on next year.
    Harlan Yee recently posted… My November 2013 Income Report


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Harlan. Sounds like you’ve figured out where to take your focus, which is awesome. Best of luck to you in the new year.


  3. It’s great to see your progress.

    I keep feeling that I should do what you’re doing and divulge my income on a blog, but I’m only in the first nine months my SEO trek. That’s probably no excuse, but I am still doing it, so there’s gotta be something good there.

    I am curious to know why you don’t detail the “Misc. Affiliate Income” like the rest of the sources? Or is it just a summation?


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Wes. Revealing your online income can be helpful, if only to help keep you held accountable to your goals.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s early on and you’re not earning much – it’ll just be that much cooler to look back when actually do start earning a lot.

    As for my Misc. Affiliate Income, I actually do detail the sources – it’s near the end of the post, right before the Income Summary.

    Thanks for your comment!


  4. How do you get so much referral income from CashCrate? I have 80 referrals and all I get is 5 cents for each survey they do. No one does the offers really. Suggestions?


    Eric G. Reply:

    Michael, it really all depends on how active the referrals are. If you get 80 referrals who are not active or are not US-based, there’s a lot less earning potential. I believe getting U.S. referrals is huge, as they are eligible for most of the offers.

    If you have a blog where you’re getting referrals, write some posts about strategies to make more money with Cash Crate – this will help motivate your referrals to do more and make more money (thus earning you more money).


  5. Your blog is very well managed & designed. I love to your writing style. I want you want to keep it up…….
    Just because I get a lot of things to learn from your blog.
    Very Nice Post……
    Manju Devi recently posted… How To Submit Website Blog Or Url To Google Search Engine


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Manju!


  6. Hey Eric

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I can proudly witness PROGRESS. And you have an unique approach. I’m really, REALLY liking it.

    You’re inspiring. You truly are. I have a gut feeling that you’re going to kill it in 2014.

    Keep up the good job, Eric.

    With best of wishes,

    Walt @ Found Success recently posted… New post 12


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks a lot Walt, I appreciate it!


  7. In the beginning your report was at low but afterward you have shown great improvement.
    Thats Great.
    Amilia joe recently posted… News


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Amilia!


  8. Eric,

    Congrats on making a decent amount of truly passive income. If you can replicate your success several times then you can retire a happy man.

    Also how legit are the lending websites?


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thank for the comment, Andrew. The lending websites are actually quite legit – I’ve been using Lending Club for over 3 years now, and have never had a negative experience. On top of just earning a decent rate of return on my investments, I’ve never had a problem withdrawing money if needed (money that’s not currently invested, that is).


  9. This was an interesting post because I realized from reading it that I am doing something wrong, well more that I am not doing something right. I have not been developing multiple revenue streams but rather focusing on just one. Thanks!


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Ly! Actually, I’ve changed my tune a bit – right now, I think focusing on one thing and making it work is the best option, before you go and diversify your income streams.


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