My Passive Income Report [July 2012]

Don’t you feel like the summer is going by too quickly? I do.  July is over already?

Nevertheless, things seem to be looking up.  July wasn’t amazing, but I’m feeling very good about the future. Lots of good things planned, and I’m seeing some progress.  Now, if only we could keep summer around for another few months…

Let’s get right into July’s results.

A Brief Overview of July

Not a whole lot of big events happening, but income and production were both up in July.  After my recent post (“Are You REALLY Trying to Succeed?“), I feel revitalized – ready to get back to the hard work ethic I once had with my online business.

It seems like the biggest roadblock for me is content creation – I think if you can find a way to handle this and be very productive, everything else will follow.

Before you say “Why can’t you just hire a VA or writers to produce content for you?”, let me address the issue:  With my newest authority site I’m working on, I’m trying to build a real resource and following, much like I have on this blog.  It’s hard to do it with a “guest” voice – it needs to be me, for now.

Speaking of that authority site, I’m very excited to soon be revealing everything about it.  I expect this will happen within the next month or so, along with an intense challenge.

July Income Report


Still no AdSense earnings from InfoBarrel, as you might expect.  This is temporary, however…by September or October, I will be earning from AdSense again (or I should say, my business will be).  Hopefully I only have to suffer through another 2-3 months of very low InfoBarrel income.

Here’s the minor income that I was able to earn from InfoBarrel in July:

  • Chitika: $0.50
  • Amazon: $0.00
  • Total: $0.50 (Can this even buy a pack of gum anymore?)

Even though I can’t earn much from InfoBarrel right now, I still highly recommend checking out my original plan to earn passive income with article writing if you’re new to the “making money online” game.  There’s a lot of money to be made here, and after you’ve been writing for awhile, it adds up.

Lending Club

As you know, I write about Lending Club every month, so I don’t need to go into a ton of detail here, but if you are unfamiliar with Lending Club, you should read my original write-up here. As I’ve said before, I believe it’s my only truly passive income source.

July continued the positive streak of month to month improvement in my annualized rate of return.  I’m now invested in 139 loans  (+4 from June) and my net annualized return is a robust 6.30% (+0.08% from June).

I probably need to evaluate my investment strategy, because clearly this is a part of my passive income portfolio that is consistently successful.  In other words, I’m thinking about making it a larger portion of my portfolio by investing several thousand more dollars into it.

It’ll be spread out of course (instead of one lump sum deposit). What do you think about that?  I’ve officially been with Lending Club for 3.5 years – in other words, it’s been long enough for me to see that the 3 year micro-loans of $25 are worthwhile to invest in.

Check out the image below (click to enlarge) to see some of the first loans I ever invested in:

These loans, issued in early 2009, were fully paid off earlier this year, and look at that return – 16.32%!  Obviously, they’re not all that good, considering my overall return is at 6.30%, but if I was willing to take more risks and continue to invest in higher interest rate loans, there’s a potential for greater return.

If you’re interested in trying Lending Club, you can sign up with this link and get a free account.  If you’re unsure whether this type of investing is right for you, you can deposit a small amount (investments can be as small as $25) and become familiar with it. As always, if you have any questions about it, I’d be more than happy to answer them in the comments (or feel free to contact me by e-mail).

Niche Sites

Since last month, I have literally done nothing with my micro-niche sites, putting full focus on my authority sites.  Interestingly enough, my earnings increased slightly compared to last month.

If you find yourself without AdSense, here are the alternatives I’ve written about (the links below are to each of my reviews):

Here’s a summary of July’s niche site earnings:
  • Amazon: $10.98
  • $5.05
  • Chitika: $0.16
  • InfoLinks: $1.20
  • Commission Junction: $5.60
  • Total: $22.99 (+$7.36 from June)

Authority Sites

During July, I wrote a post giving a sneak preview of my two authority sites.

As I’ve hinted at several times now, my second, newer authority site will be fully revealed on this blog within the next 4-6 weeks.

Authority Site #1 Earnings – July:

  • $5.45
  • Indeed Job Board: $8.75
  • Total: $14.20

Authority Site #2 Earnings – July:

This site isn’t really monetized yet, but there has been one or two Amazon affiliate links thrown around, which did lead to a sale during July.

  • Amazon: $0.78
  • Total: $0.78

Total Authority Site Earnings: $14.98

Other Affiliate Income

Here’s the breakdown for other affiliate income earned during July.  [Note: This income comes from other sites not discussed/listed above, including affiliate sales generated through this blog.]

  • Amazon: $0.40
  • ClickBank: $0.00
  • Commission Junction: $300.00
  • PayDotCom: $0.00
  • Private Advertising: $0.00
  • Market Samurai: $0.00
  • Other Misc.: $5.70

Total Misc. Affiliate Earnings for July: $306.10

Once again, I failed to earn anything from Clickbank – a clear sign that these sites aren’t receiving any traffic post-Penguin.  Otherwise, it was a decent month.

Income Summary

Here’s a summary of July’s earnings, organized by project/challenge:

Grand Total for July: $344.57 (+$83.52 from June)

Popular Blog Posts

These were my top 5 most popular blog posts in July based on number of views:

1) AdSense Account Disabled: What the Hell?!

2) My Passive Income Report [June 2012]

3) How to Make $2,000 Per Month Writing for InfoBarrel

4) 142+ Ways to Make Money Online

5) The Ultimate Backlink Tracker (Free Tool)

How did July go for you? Share it in the comments! And until next month, best of luck to you and your passive income projects!

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23 Responses to “My Passive Income Report [July 2012]”

  1. That’s still ten times my monthly earnings! Glad to read that you are revitalized!
    Mike recently posted… Summer Recap (Part One): Tuning Out — Our Four-Day Challenge


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the comment Mike!


  2. Any new plans of action / rules you’re going to set for yourself for your new AdSense account?

    Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon recently posted… Tasting Success with a Wine App: An Interview With Matthew Campbell – Developer of Tasting Notes


    Eric G. Reply:

    Good question – to start out, I will probably only use AdSense on InfoBarrel and my newest authority site. I don’t plan on trying to get it back onto my old AdSense sites (too risky), and I doubt I will go back to mass-producing micro-niche sites.


  3. At least it’s moving in the right direction buddy :)
    Rasmus – Retire My Ass recently posted… Frank Lucas – What Business Owners Can Learn From a Drug Dealer


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Rasmus – That’s all I can ask for right now. 😛


  4. Eric, yeah i know what it means to have consistent adsense income online daily. It’s so sweet. I’ll also use my biz name and get an adsense account to put on my niche site – gets 327 visits monthly…

    Glad to see you earn something reasonable. Coupled with my blog and other online biz, i got a little bit above $500 last month.



  5. Hi Eric,

    I find your move from “what the hell?!” to “digging in my heels” remarkably inspiring. I’m building an authority site about self-publishing and quality writing. Google did get most of us to refocus on quality and that’s a good thing. Thanks for your newsletter and positive attitude.

    Take care,


  6. Not bad for sure it will improve in the coming days and months. keep it up!
    Becca recently posted… Catering Williams Landing


  7. I love your humor in this post. Thank you for sharing this information. Don’t give up, your earnings will increase and you be there to see it.


  8. I can’t wait to start my authority site! good job on the passive income!


  9. Just found your blog, much like myself I was disabled from Adsense for a short period which was concluded as an error on their part – but it crippled my earnings for a while as most of my sites are relatively new and my other income avenues were not compensating for the downfall. Glad to see your still going well and it is a great time when Adsense bans or suspends your account to explore the other avenues and see what’s on offer.
    Surminga recently posted… Peruvian Cuisine Tour in Lima


  10. Good to see you moving in the right direction, Eric. I have a job background similar to yours and I’m attempting to launch an authority site here in the next month or two. Your income reports are helpful, and I also like some of your older stuff about which affiliates you’re using (as a result I’m starting with Commission Junction).

    Not that I don’t want to see you make Pat Flynn numbers, but it’s been interesting to see how you deal with these initial challenges, and hopefully we’ll see you in the 4-figures each month in the near future. Keep up the good fight!


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Dustin, I appreciate it!


  11. Does Lending Club pay affiliates only for loans received from the affiliates?

    Or do they also pay affiliates for bringing in new investors also? If so what do they pay per investor?

    Appreciate your time.



    Eric G. Reply:

    I believe they pay for both – I know for new investors, they pay $25.


  12. Good Job! My blog makes $150/Monthly approx.
    Parvinder recently posted… Top 15 Photo Editing Software For Free Download.


    Eric G. Reply:

    Nice, that’s pretty good!


  13. Those are encouraging numbers for passive income. I like seeing the other comments and hearing how the others are also doing. It’s nice to see the honesty.
    Jeff@Private Money Seattle recently posted… Hard Money Loans in Tacoma


  14. Hi! I see you have also lost your AdSense! What did you do??? I’ve published a post about the practice of blogging about one’s “blog income” and I invite you and your readers to stop by and offer a little pushback. Meanwhile, I’m going to investigate “lending Club” based on your recommendation above…
    Dave Lucas recently posted… Blog Income Report December 2012


    Eric G. Reply:

    Unfortunately, my AdSense account was disabled. I’m in the process of obtaining an account for my business. I checked out your blog post on why people shouldn’t post income reports – good food for thought there.


  15. looks like you are progressing slowly but surely keep up the good work!


  16. You are doing well. I’m impressed with how your real numbers. It inspires me to put up real number. Have a great one.
    Monty recently posted… Comment on How Brand Management Brings Cash Flows Improvement to Blogs by CashFlowsToo


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