My Passive Income Report [March 2012]

A lot has happened over the past month, most notably my AdSense account being disabled. After having my best month of online income, it was extremely disappointing to hit this big bump in the road. Those of you who have read my most recent posts know that I am optimistic and believe that all of this will be for the better in the long term.

In light of this pivotal change in my internet marketing progress, I decided to mix up my monthly income report with a little bit of different format. And because I’m short on time right now, this one is going to be short and sweet!

A Brief Overview of March

Surprisingly, the loss of my AdSense account was not the most significant thing to happen to me during March.  The more significant hurdle for me has been tax season.  As most of you know, I’m a CPA, so this time of year is always extremely busy.

With that being said, I really didn’t do much in March from an internet marketing standpoint.  I still feel it’s necessary to update this blog on a weekly basis, but beyond that, I’ve toyed around with a few new AdSense alternatives.  There hasn’t been anything to write about yet, but once I have the time to dig into a few different AdSense alternatives, you can be sure I’ll write about them here.

Tax season is going to be busy right up until the deadline (April 17th), so I likely won’t resume my usual internet marketing activities until late April.   Those of you with a full time job know that, sometimes, you just need to make the job a top priority.

March Income Report

Let’s jump right into where the money was in March…


How ironic – I’m starting my income report with something that generated me virtually no income in March! 😛  With AdSense out of the picture, it became nearly impossible to earn money with InfoBarrel since you really can’t control the ads.

Because I didn’t want to “waste” all of my InfoBarrel traffic, I decided to give away this income. The winner of the contest is currently earning from my InfoBarrel articles, and I’m happy that I was at least able to share it with someone.

Here is the small amount of income I was able to earn in March:

  • Chitika: $2.67

Even though I can’t earn much from InfoBarrel right now, I still highly recommend checking out my original plan to make lots of money with article writing if you’re new to the “making money online” game.

Lending Club

This is one income source that Google will never be able to impact.  I write about Lending Club every month, so I don’t need to go into a ton of detail here, but if you are unfamiliar with Lending Club, you can read my original write-up here.  In short: it’s my only truly passive income source.

As of the end of  March, I was invested in 113 loans (+3 from February) and my net annualized return was 5.85% (+0.13% from February).

There are definitely times where I wish I would just put more of my savings into Lending Club, because of the higher-than-average return that I’ve been getting for more than 2 years now.  But, I try to stay true to one of my top objectives: diversification.

If you’re interested in trying Lending Club, you can sign up with this link and get a free account.  If you’re unsure whether this type of investing is right for you, you can deposit a small amount (investments can be as small as $25) and become familiar with it. If you have any questions about it, I’d be more than happy to answer them in the comments (or feel free to contact me by e-mail).

Niche Sites

As you know, this was the area that took the biggest hit in March.  It wasn’t so much that February was anything special with my niche sites, but I was seeing some great earnings in the first half of March and was probably on pace to earn $300+ from my niche sites, primarily from AdSense.

But, part of what makes a good internet marketer is being able to roll with the punches and work through unexpected challenges.  I haven’t fully explored the top AdSense alternatives yet, but have started earning a little bit of money from a few new sources.

I’m not going to post the earnings by each site individually, as I typically do, because it wouldn’t be too informative with AdSense out of the picture.  Fortunately, my Amazon sites were doing okay.

Here’s a summary of March’s niche site earnings:

  • Amazon: $75.18
  • $2.32
  • Chitika: $1.03
  • InfoLinks: $1.44
  • Total: $79.97

My ultimate goal will be to prove that there is life after AdSense with respect to niche sites. My business may eventually get its own AdSense account, however it will never be able to be used on these 80+ niches sites already created.

Authority Site

As I’ve mentioned in a few places recently, once I get my free time back after tax season, my authority site will be a huge focus of mine.  I’m currently in talks with a writer to help me build out lots of content, and I’m almost done with everything I need to get the e-mail list going.

That’s all I’ll say for now, but there will be more to come.  Here’s a look at what the site earned in March:

  • $1.59
  • Other: $9.35
  • Total: $10.94

Other Affiliate Income

Here’s the breakdown for March.  [Note: This income comes from other sites not discussed/listed above, including affiliate sales generated through this blog.]

  • Amazon: $0.00
  • ClickBank: $88.72
  • Commission Junction: $217.80
  • PayDotCom: $0.00
  • Private Advertising: $35.00
  • Market Samurai: $112.00
  • Other Misc.: $11.40

Total Misc. Affiliate Earnings for March: $464.92 

Income Summary

Here’s a summary of March’s earnings, organized by project/challenge:

Grand Total for March: $558.50 (-$389.64 from February)

Not a great month, of course, but I’m confident I’ll get back on track soon.  Stay tuned, as usual. :)

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These were my top 5 most popular blog posts in March based on number of views:

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5) How to Make $2,000 Per Month Writing for InfoBarrel

Tell me in the comments: How did you do in March?  Until next month, best of luck to you and your passive income projects!

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32 Responses to “My Passive Income Report [March 2012]”

  1. Eric, it’s still nice to see you that you have other Income Stream to cover the Adsense lost.

    Your Affiliate Income still rocks and kind of passive comparing to your Niche Sites.

    I’d suggest you to bang on your NPC challenge.

    Amazon rocks and has paid me $10K check. I’m working on growing it with Adsense income too.

    Just that all my new sites take about 2-3 mos to rank out of sandbox these days.
    Kent @ Make Extra Income Online recently posted… MMO Monthly Report March 2012


    Eric G. Reply:

    Hey Kent, thanks a lot for the comment. $10K from Amazon?! That’s awesome buddy, keep up the good work – it’s an inspiration to the rest of us who are far from there right now.

    How many sites make up that $10k income from Amazon?


    Kent @ Make Extra Money Online Reply:

    I have more than 30 domain names and 3 of them are making up that income last 6 months. I’m sure that you know what I have learned from Niche Profit Course. These are my lessons for your reference:

    I guess you just need to find a right product niche and write great review content, and drive load of traffic to it. Amazon just converts well.
    Kent @ Make Extra Money Online recently posted… MMO Monthly Report March 2012


  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your adsense account. Your earnings still look pretty good. There are alot of alternatives but I wonder of you have tested Prosperent? For product related sites with US traffic they have proven to be at least as good as adsense for me and they have an affiliate program :)


    Eric G. Reply:

    I haven’t tried Prosperent at all, but will definitely give it a look. Thanks for the tip, Andy!


  3. Eric,

    I admire you for being able to take the setbacks in stride. I have some buddies who also have had some trouble with their Adsense account – very frustrating.

    You’ll come out on top, amigo. When you set up a new account, make sure you put the new code on a new server, different IP address, different domain, different registration details, etc… Good luck, I’m enjoying watching your progress and success.


    Eric G. Reply:

    It’s very frustrating indeed, John. I appreciate the support – hopefully I’ll be able to make a come back and say, “See? It wasn’t so bad.” 😛


  4. Hi Eric,
    I come first time on this page to check your income report.Your multi streams for generating income works for you very well.
    Pete Goumas recently posted… Penguin Coupon & Review


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the comment, Pete!


  5. Eric, it’s crazy to see how much of an impact a random banning can do for earnings. It’s a wake up call for everyone because we’re all probably relying on one or two sources for our websites. It’s a shame to see that you were hit by it but at the same time I think you’re crafty enough to take a new approach to your work that may have larger rewards.

    I would say, if anything, start pushing hard on Amazon and even trying out some CPA offers for your site – I just starting doing some CPA stuff but nothing wortwhile to report just yet.

    There’s always an alternative and with your skills – you can definitely make good out of this.

    Remind me next year to have you do my taxes instead of H&R Block 😛
    Murray Lunn recently posted… Freelance Longevity 101: Forging Great Relationships


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Murray – yeah, it definitely sucks to have all of your eggs in one basket. And while AdSense wasn’t a huge part of my earnings *yet*, my plans were definitely to make it so (as evidenced by me creating 80+ sites specifically for AdSense).

    I will be trying to push harder on Amazon and try out some CPA stuff, like you’ve suggested. Unfortunately, most of my micro-niche sites won’t work for Amazon simply because they don’t have anything to do with a specific product. My plan though is to continue testing different ad networks, and find something that comes somewhat close to AdSense.

    And sure, I’d be happy to do your taxes next year. 😛


  6. You are still doing fairly well without Adsense. That really stinks that you got booted but you seem optimistic so I will be to in saying that in the long run you should be fine. I haven’t heard of Lending Club and I am going to check that out right now.
    Steven Papas recently posted… Webhosting Plans


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Steven – I really do believe I’ll be fine in the long run. As for Lending Club, definitely check it out, and let me know if you have any questions.


  7. That is still pretty good. You can reinveest that in some good content for your authority site.
    Joe recently posted… Monthly Round-up: March 2012


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Joe – that’s my plan! :)


  8. Hey Eric, what do you mean when you say your new business Adsense account will not be used on your 80 sites? Is there a risk of simply switching out Adsense codes on those sites because those were the sites that got you banned?

    By the way, saw your interview at DormRoomCash. Is that your first interview?
    Harlan Yee recently posted… How To Set 4:3 Center Cut Safe Title Markers In Premiere CS5


    Eric G. Reply:

    Good question, Harlan. While there is no evidence that I would definitely get in trouble for using a new AdSense ID on my old sites, I really think it’s risky to associate a new AdSense ID with an old one, in Google’s eyes.

    If I’m going to go through the trouble of setting up a separate legal entity, I want to make sure everything is clean. Unfortunately, that means only putting the new AdSense account on new sites going forward.

    That’s cool that you saw the interview at DormRoomCash – I don’t believe that’s my first interview…I’ve had a couple other random ones, along with a few guest posts here and there. It’s something I should start doing more of, but there are only so many hours in a day!


  9. Just discovered your site after you noticed my Twitter feed. I’m glad I did. I’m just getting started with the passive income business model, have established a blog to discuss it as well as one niche site, and your AdSense debacle is a a great warning to me! Thanks, but sorry it happened to you! By the way, my AdSense account hasn’t even been approved yet, so I really am very early into this!


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the comment, Mike. You should have nothing to worry about with AdSense, but always keep in mind that you never want it to be your primary source of online income. If I had to do it all over again, I’d use multiple ad platforms so that if one goes down, the site doesn’t stop earning altogether.


    Mike Reply:

    I’ve signed up for some additional ad sites, so I will be sure to diversify. Thanks for the advice! My niche site and my blog ( have been up for only five days and I’ve already made a small amount of money, so I’m excited! I’ll be sure to keep up to date with your site as well since you have a ton more experience!


  10. I’m not in the multiple niche site business but I admire the skill set you must have acquired racking up 80+ sites while working a job full time.

    I have a client right now who has one major market and thirty different products but no authority site yet who like you is doing everything part time.

    I admire this hustle in both of you and I hope you’re able to squirrel a nice hunk of money away from this season that allows you to expand your side projects and get one step closer to leaving your job if you want to.
    Lewis LaLanne recently posted… Why It’s Good To Have Friends In Business


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the support, Lewis, I really appreciate it. As hard as I work outside of my day job, it never really feels like “enough.” The results aren’t where I’d like them to be, but then again, that’s what keeps the fire going.

    I’m still waiting for that “breakthrough” moment, and am confident it’ll come one day. Until then, you just need to keep pushing through…


  11. Hey I found your site through Smart passive income, before getting adsense I also tried a few alternatives, like clicksor and adbrite. Apparantly the pay is good there but I did not like the pop up ads, found them distracting(clicksor). If you have a lot of traffic there are more clicksor ad formats you could get. I also use infolinks and that does not make me much yet but with growing traffic and a few links I think that will add some extra cash.
    Eugene recently posted… Female celebs with hot bodies – Its all about being fit


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the tips Eugune! I haven’t tried Clicksor or Adbrite, but I have Infolinks on a few sites right now. It seems as if I do get a fair amount of clicks, however each click doesn’t pay well. I guess we’ll just keep testing and see what’s best!


  12. Great job! I’m a bit skeptical if multiple niche business would work. After reading your post, I think i will give it a try.
    thanks for the share.
    Becca recently posted… Moving Truck Rental


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Becca!


  13. I really enjoy reading and learn at the same time with your post, I think You can reinveest that in some good content for your authority site….
    Audrey recently posted… Rôle du notaire lors d’une transaction immobilière


    Eric G. Reply:

    Absolutely, Audrey – I definitely plan on reinvesting some of these earnings into my authority site. Thanks for the comment!


  14. Just wondering if lending club was available to people outside the US. I’m an American but live in the UK.

    I looked on the website but couldn’t find anything.

    I’d assume they would restrict the borrowing to US residents but not sure about Lenders.



    Eric G. Reply:

    I know the site as a whole is restricted to US residents, but if you had a family’s addresss and/or bank account in the US, you may still be able to use it. I don’t know for sure though…you’ll have to check it out and try for yourself. :)


  15. Hi Eric

    I found your site through SPI. Too bad on the Adsense front, a couple of my sites got hit too and have dropped from the face of the earth in the SERPS.

    Keep the positive attitude and you will see this as a small bump on your path.

    Maybe have a look at CrankyAds to monetize your sites?
    Uncle Bob recently posted… Quality Car Tires


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the comment, Uncle Bob. I haven’t taken a look at CrankyAds yet, but I will right now. Thanks for the tip!


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