The New 30-Day Challenge: Squeezing 30 Hours Out of a 24 Hour Day

Note: The “Squeezing 30 Hours out of a 24 Hour Day” Challenge will sometimes be referred to as the “Batching & Automation Challenge
If you’ve been following along this blog or have read The 4-Hour Workweek, you are very familiar with the concepts of batching and automation.  For those of you who might not be as familiar, feel free to read my introduction to batching and introduction to automation posts.

These two key concepts will be the drivers of my new 30-day challenge.  The challenge is essentially this:

Every day for 30 days, I must automate and/or batch at least one thing in my life (be it personal or work-related).

The Goal

By the end of the 30 days, we will have a collection of 30 ways to improve your life by making it more efficient, leaving you more time to pursue things you enjoy. 

In addition to simply explaining what I am batching or automating, I will try to quantify the time saved (either per day, per week, or per month) by batching/automating the activity.  That’s where the title comes from – by batching and automating pieces of your life, you effectively give yourself more free time in any given day (perhaps even 30 hours in a 24 hour day).

The Rules

  1. There is no limit to how large or small the activity can be.  If I decide to sharpen 20 pencils at once instead of one at a time as I need them, that counts as batching.
  2. The 30 days may not be consecutive.  Given the fact that I’m in the middle of an extremely busy time at work (it’s tax season!) working nearly 80 hours per week, I won’t necessarily have time to update daily.  In other words, this 30 day challenge may take 45 days (or it may take 35 days, who knows).

If you combine the outcome of my previous 30-day challenge with the desired outcome of this challenge, you’d find yourself in a position of having more cash and having more free time.  These are two of the primary goals of this blog, so it’s nice to see that I’m working in that direction.  The only catch is, having more free time seems to lend itself to spending more money…

Follow along as I attempt to batch and automate everything that I can!  Feel free take part in the challenge yourself by leaving your ideas in the comments each day.

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