Niche Site Duel – Update #6: A Rank, Earnings, and Traffic Roller Coaster

For my niche site, the past week has been a wild roller coaster.  After my recent discovery that I picked the wrong target keyword and domain (by only one letter), I explained how the tiny change will make a huge difference.  Following this, the site underwent a period of a few days where there was virtually no traffic, and it had seemingly fallen off Google’s radar (although it was still indexed).

As with everything else in the passive income “game,” patience is key.  Despite this roller coaster of events, a lot of good things have come out of the past week or two for this niche site.  Let’s explore it, shall we?

P90X Niche Site Statistics as of 10/25/10


Recently, I’ve had some pretty good success with Google Adsense, but my Amazon earnings haven’t moved at all.

Adsense – $18.81

Amazon – $0.20

Total – $19.01

It’s been a little over five weeks since I started this niche site, although I’ve only been receiving traffic for a short time during that period.  Overall, I feel like my earnings have been decent enough, especially given the small traffic I’ve seen so far.


Consistent with my last traffic update, most traffic so far has been direct (i.e. people typing the URL into their browsers), which means it’s mostly from people who read this blog.  Traffic since inception of the site is going to be a little bit difficult to measure, because I had to start a new Google Analytics profile when I changed domains from to  I’ll show both graphs right now, however going forward, I will only show traffic from the new domain.

Stats from Since Inception (Old Domain)

[Click to enlarge images]

Stats from Since Inception (New Domain)

[Click to enlarge images]

As you can see, traffic stalled quite a bit after I made the domain change, but it’s starting to pick up again.  Once nice thing is that I’m starting to receive a lot more traffic for my primary keyword “P90X review.”  Or should I say, my old primary keyword.  I’ll explain more on that below.

Search Engine Ranking

My search engine rankings took a pretty significant dip when I changed domains, mainly because Google needed to re-crawl my “new” site and slowly redirect my backlinks from my old domain.  For awhile, I was very nervous that my solid rankings were lost and that I’d need to build my way up from scratch all over again.  Fortunately, this wasn’t the case.

As a reminder, I’m targeting four primary keywords for this niche site: P90X reviews (this is the new one, which has a lot more monthly searches), P90X review, P90X blog, & home workout routines.

Here is how each has progressed so far (I use Market Samurai to track this information):

P90X Reviews

  • October 19th : Not ranked
  • October 25th: 125

As of right now, I haven’t built any backlinks with this keyword as the anchor text, so it’s not a surprise that I’m not ranking too highly for this keyword yet.  Also, the new domain with this keyword has only been in existence for 6 days.

P90X Review

  • September 14th: 114
  • September 23rd: 46
  • September 26th: 47
  • September 29th: 15
  • October 4th: 12
  • October 12th: 10 <– Page 1!
  • October 19th: 11
  • October 25th: 13

For almost a week, I was at the bottom of page 1 on Google, which was pretty exciting.  That was sort of ruined by the domain name change, but I have no doubt that I’ll be back there soon.

P90X Blog

  • September 14th: (not tracked)
  • September 23rd: 75
  • September 26th: 68
  • September 29th: 59
  • October 4th: 37
  • October 12th: 33
  • October 19th: 29
  • October 25th: 34

I made a lot of progress with this keyword as well, but as with the above keyword, my increasing rank was stalled by the domain name change.

Home Workout Routines

  • September 14th: (not tracked)
  • September 23rd: 174
  • September 26th: 169
  • September 29th: 177
  • October 4th: (Data missing)
  • October 12th: (Data missing)
  • October 19th: (Data missing)
  • October 25th: 83

For some reason, I don’t have data tracked for three of the data points that I had for the other keywords.  Either way, I’m making a lot of progress with this keyword.  As I’ve mentioned before, the reason my ranking for this keyword is so poor compared to the other keywords is because the other keywords are either partially or completely part of the site’s domain name.

Here’s a summary screen shot from Market Samurai.  As I pointed out last time, I’m tracking the keyword “P90X review blog” even though it isn’t one of my targeted keywords.

According to Market Samurai, I’m still not indexed in Yahoo or Bing yet.  I’m sure those will come when the site ages a bit more.

That’s all for now! Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed (if you haven’t already) so that you don’t miss future niche site duel updates!

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30 Responses to “Niche Site Duel – Update #6: A Rank, Earnings, and Traffic Roller Coaster”

  1. Hey,

    I have been reading your blog for a while and the information you have here is always of great quality and very helpful. The niche site stuff is of particular interest to me as I have just read Cloud Living and am considering attempting to set up some mini-sites of my own. It’s posts like these that are going to come in really useful for me in the future. So thank you for taking the time to put all of this together!

    I have set up a blog of my own because of books like Cloud Living and blogs like yours. The url is If you have time, check it out and let me know what you think!

    Keep up the good work (and good luck with the duel!),



    Eric G. Reply:

    Hey Jay, thanks for the kind words. In my opinion, mini-sites are the best way to get started. I too have read Cloud Living, which was helpful when I was just starting out.

    I like your site so far – it’s clean and simple, which makes it easy to focus on your content. Also, great goals! That would be awesome to hit those by next year. I’m interested in reading your “pillar” articles whenever those are published.

    – Eric


  2. hey eric,
    I’ve enjoyed reading up on the niche site duel updates, and as always it’s inspiring stuff. that’s awesome you made it on to page one! do you think adsense and affiliate income grow more exponentially once you get to that point? i would think that they do.


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Brett! I do think Adsense and affiliate income take a HUGE step forward by getting onto page 1. More so as you work you way up to the top 4-5 spots on page one.

    When I made it to page one for “P90X review,” that’s when I realized my mistake in the domain and targeted keyword, because I wasn’t seeing the huge traffic influx you’d expect.

    I realized that by adding an “s” to P90X review, you have a totally different keyword that gets a LOT more search traffic. I think the real test of this potential will be when I make it to page one for “P90X reviews.”


  3. Awesome Eric. It’s a shame Beachbody won’t let you become an affiliate because you’re kicking ass in the ranking game. And $19 already, that’s great.


    Eric G. Reply:

    I know, I’m probably going to miss out on a good chunk of affiliate earnings because of that, but I think I can still make it work. Thanks for the comment, Jason!


    Tony Reply:


    Just curious…Why don’t you sign up as a BeachBody Coach, then have the ability to get commissions off the sales from your site? I noticed you go for Amazon, but can’t imagine you’d make 20-30 per sale off of there.


    Eric G. Reply:

    Hi Tony,

    I’ve thought about that, but actually found out that I wouldn’t be able to, since I have “P90X” as part of my domain (I an ineligible to be a direct affiliate) – Amazon definitely does offer less commission, however there are other benefits (such as getting commission from anything else someone buys on Amazon after clicking my link).

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Um, this is totally AWESOME! Congrats on the traffic, ranking and earnings! I think if you keep what you’re doing, you’ve got a real winner in your hands. How’s the program going for you by the way? I just started round 2 :)

    Cheers & well done!


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks buddy for all the support – being a part of the niche site duel has really fueled the fire here. I’m really impressed by what you’re doing with your site, so we’ll see if I can be a worthy competitor.

    As for the actual P90X program, it’s going really well. I’ve lost about 12 lbs, and I have a few weeks to go (I’m behind on updating the P90X blog to reflect this). I absolutely plan on doing a “round 2.” Then I will really be able to BRING IT. :)


  5. Hey Eric, keep them updates coming. Loving these Niche site duels that are popping up lately.

    Wanted to find out if there was a specific blueprint/book you were following to set up your sites/projects?

    Here’s to your success!

    – Will


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Will. I’m not following any specific blueprint or book – I’m really just going off of experience and all of the material I’ve read over past several months online. There’s so much good, free information out there.

    If you have any specific questions about setting up a niche site like this, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll gladly answer them.


  6. Hi Eric,

    I am enjoying riding along side you and the others during this duel. It is a great learning tool.

    Great news on the rankings, traffic and earnings. As a newbie its been interesting to see the start of income on a site within what I consider short time. Even though the duel just “recently” started, to see both you and Pat receiving income already is exciting and inspiring.

    Quick question. Is the amazon from books or are you linking to products? Also I am considering products on my site, but utilizing Ebay. Have you had any experience setting up sites using Ebay, do you have any ideas on the best way to set up an Ebay sales through a niche site?




    Eric G. Reply:

    Glad to have you along for the ride, Alan. It is pretty exciting, and I have to believe the best is yet to come.

    Amazon’s affiliate program basically allows you to sell ANYTHING they sell. If you look around Amazon, you will find that they sell just about everything you think of.

    I haven’t used eBay on any of my sites yet, but I know of others who use it. Most of them find that Amazon is a much bigger earner – there’s no reason you can’t use both.

    One thing about eBay, is that I believe they must approve each site where you’re going to use your affiliate links, whereas Amazon allows you to post affiliate links on any site once you’re in their affiliate program.

    Depending on your niche, I’d probably recommend both Amazon and eBay. You’ll likely find that the best way to drive affiliate sales is through contextual links (vs. banners or sidebar widgets). In other words, you’re more likely to get users to click your links if they’re a part of your content. That’s one reason why review sites tend to work really well with Amazon.

    I’m actually working on another niche site right now that’s going to be primarily focused on Amazon products, following the lessons taught in the Niche Profit Course (affiliate link). I’m waiting until I’ve completely built the site to officially review the course, but so far, it’s been excellent. It really gives you a nice road map for creating an Amazon niche site. Look for a full review here sometime in the next few weeks.


    Alan Reply:

    Thanks for the informative reply.

    I still need to study Ebay program some more and figure out the payout, site requirements, etc. The reason I like ebay for the site I am working on is that I can offer products through there that I feel are a better fit than what I have seen with Amazon’s selections.

    I have looked at Chris’s videos regarding Amazon sites and I like what I saw. Thinking of investing in the Niche Profit Course so I am interested in hearing your thoughts on it.


    Eric G. Reply:

    That makes sense, Alan. I can see how eBay would work really well for some niches.

    Stay tuned for my full review on the Niche Profit Course – I really want to wait until my Amazon sites are in full operation before I review the course, but as of right now, I like it a lot.

  7. Eric,

    Love the detailed report. That’s pretty cool that at such an early age, you’ve already earned $19 from it. Have you had any people sign up for the freebie yet?

    If it’s not doing well, I’d put a P90x banner in its place and see how it performs.

    Looking forward to how well this site does for you!


    Eric G. Reply:

    Moon, I wish there was some way I could “white list” you so that your comments stop getting caught up in my spam filter! :)

    I was surprised to see that my Adsense earnings were as high as they were. I have had a couple people opt-into my e-mail list for the freebie, but it’s hard for me to tell if they are people actually interested, or if they are people from my blog here just curious to see what kind of e-mail content I’m providing. I like the banner suggestion – maybe I will test my layout a bit and see if that’s a more productive use of the space (and just move my opt-in box further down the page).



  8. Hi Eric, thanks for outlining your approach for newbies like me. I think this is awesome and hope to replicate your achievements.

    Now I see the 4 keyword phrases you are targeting, but when I look at your p90x site, I don’t see those keyword phrases in the content of many of your posts. Does this need to occur to rank higher? Or is having them in the title tag and description tag generally enough? Thanks.


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the comment, Kevin. I definitely think you can replicate what I’ve done (and probably more, since I haven’t focused 100% on this).

    While it’s true that you do want your keywords sprinkled among your content, I don’t believe it’s one of the stronger ranking factors. It used to be, but then people would “keyword stuff” (essentially, repeat their keywords over and over to achieve a higher ranking) and abuse Google’s algorithm. While we never know Google’s exact ranking algorithm (according to them, they make minor tweaks to it almost on a daily basis), it’s become clear that for on-page SEO, your URL and title are probably the most important ranking factors.

    Keyword density (the % of your keywords among all words a page) does matter, but not to the extent of the other factors. As far as I know. :) Great point though, because I do think I need to use my keywords a bit more often in my posts.


  9. Hey Eric,

    I’ve been following your blog since I found you on Pat Flynn’s site. I went ahead and subscribed to your site and newsletter. Congrats on getting to the front page of google and making some money already!

    I’m hoping my niche site can catch up to your niche site’s progress 😀
    Patrick from Make Money Buzz recently posted… Niche Site Duel 07- I’m Slacking… Turbo Backlinking Time!


    Eric G. Reply:

    Hey Patrick! Thanks for stopping by. It sounds like your niche site is doing well, minus the little backlinking blunder.

    I have to say, I like how you integrate poker into your blog, but that may only be because I used to be an online poker addict. 😉 I don’t regret quitting the game, but I do miss it. I also used to be a very active contributor on 2+2, which I rarely visit anymore. Ah, the good old days…

    Best of luck on your niche site (and PLO progress)!


  10. Wow Eric.

    Love the details and the transparency.

    H ave been quietly watching you from other blogs and thought it was about time I came over and let you know that ‘you are killing it and you have my kudos all the way mate – awesome’

    Now I gotta go catch up on the rest of your blog….after I kick Moons ass! LOL
    Alex recently posted… Niche Site Challenge Part 001 The Method in my Madness


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Alex, I appreciate the comment! Hopefully things will continue on this positive trend…

    I’ll be watching your duel with Moon closely – should be an exciting one!


  11. Awesome! I’m glad things are turning around.

    Everyone makes mistakes. Let’s just be glad that you discovered your mistake now rather than later. :)

    And your earnings are picking up, which is good. Sounds like you’re doing really well!

    Christina Crowe recently posted… eHow Experiment 05- A New Income Milestone and Backlinking Approach


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks Christina! Yes, things are picking up, but still sort of in the dumps ever since I changed domains. I’ve been slacking on backlinking lately for this site, so I’ll need to pick that back up if I want to improve my ranking soon.


  12. Hi Eric, very interesting story that you’re sharing here. I think this just highlights how much work is required to make income from a niche blog. To even think about 100% passive income you’d need 200 of these sites!
    Matthew Needham recently posted… best v’s cheapest


    Eric G. Reply:

    Thanks for the comment, Matthew. You’re right that it would take many of these sites to really achieve 100% passive income that can replace a full time job.

    I think the key is finding sites that have higher earning potential, so that you don’t need to actually create 200 of them. :)


  13. Great information and in line with my current methods. I have built a numbe rof sites but only recently really discovered how to market them properly. Decent content, a sprinkling of good backlinks and a good domain name are all key. My current development at is doing pretty well…..and is hovering around position 10 and 11 on Google….first and second page!


  14. Great information and in line with my current methods. I have built a number of sites but only recently really discovered how to market them properly. Decent content, a sprinkling of good backlinks and a good domain name are all key. My current development at is doing pretty well…..and is hovering around position 10 and 11 on Google….first and second page!


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