Finally Revealed: My New Site & The Authority Site Duel

I’ve been waiting for this moment a long time, and today, it’s finally here.  Over the past couple of months (in several income reports), I’ve hinted at a new authority site that has become my primary focus.

It’s in a competitive niche and won’t be easy to break through, but I’m up to the challenge.  I wasn’t originally going to share all the details of this site on this blog, however I received an e-mail a few months ago asking if I would be interested in an authority site duel.

I happily accepted, and here are all the details.

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My Passive Income Report [August 2012]

Another month has come and gone, and I’m feeling good.  For me, August was a month of focus.

I didn’t allow myself to become distracted by the many “shiny objects” you find in the internet marketing realm.  I stuck to my plan and worked primarily on one site – the authority site that will be revealed during September.

Everything else (in terms of income) was pretty stable in August.  No big swings in any one area, but I think good things are around the corner for sure (I’m always optimistic, aren’t I?).

Let’s dive right into August.

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How to Turn Your Internet Marketing Business into a REAL Business

For most people (myself included), internet marketing begins as a side project. You work on your websites and whatnot on weekends and after you get home from your “9 to 5″ job.  At first, you don’t earn a lot, but if you stick with it, you slowly but surely begin generating real income.

Some people hit it big very quickly and others fade out just as quickly as they faded in.  If you stick with it, you will eventually reach a point where you have to begin treating your internet marketing activities as a real business.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

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How to Dominate with Infographics the EASY Way

We’ve all seen infographics – typically, they are larger images that cover a specific topic, and provide various information in a creative and visually-appealing way.

They’re interesting to look at, and the good ones tend to go viral.  If you’re not a Photoshop enthusiast and don’t really have a creative bone in your body, you might feel like creating an infographic is a bit of a stretch.  Here’s the solution I found, and why I’m excited to start creating infographics.

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What To Do With Your Niche Sites Once You’ve Given Up On Them

Given all the changes with Google’s algorithm (Panda and Penguin, the animals we love so affectionately) and the seemingly common AdSense account bannings, it appears the future value of niche sites has never been more questionable.

As I’ve said multiple times (more recently here), I don’t think mini niche sites are dead, but we can’t ignore the fact that it has become more difficult to succeed with them for most people.

And let’s face it – they’re not for everyone.  With my renewed focus on authority sites, I’ve decided to give up on my mini niche sites aside from a small handful that still earn some money.

In other words, I’m not planning on renewing the domains – the sites will eventually die off within the next 6 months.  I feel bad letting all of that work go to waste (especially the content).  After all, maybe the site itself has no value, but the content should still be usable somewhere, right?

That’s what I want to address today – what to do with your niche site’s content after you’ve given up on the site.

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My Passive Income Report [July 2012]

Don’t you feel like the summer is going by too quickly? I do.  July is over already?

Nevertheless, things seem to be looking up.  July wasn’t amazing, but I’m feeling very good about the future. Lots of good things planned, and I’m seeing some progress.  Now, if only we could keep summer around for another few months…

Let’s get right into July’s results.

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