Applying the 80/20 Principle through Delegation

I’ve never published a guest post before on this blog – I’m not entirely against them, but I generally believe those who follow my blog do so because they want to read what I write, not what someone else writes.

With that said, I’ll always make an exception if one of my favorite bloggers wants to write a guest post for me (especially if they’ve let me write a guest post for them before).  This is a guest post by Maren Kate – if you’re not familiar with her, you need to become familiar with her, because she’s nothing short of an inspiring entrepreneur who currently has big plans within the virtual assistant industry.

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7 Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurship, Part 2: Indecisiveness

“What should I do next?”  ”What project should I focus on?” “What color should the font be on my blog?” We’ve all been there before – faced with decisions – some critical, many insignificant.

There are plenty of decisions in life that require deep analysis and thoughtful decision-making: Buying a home, choosing a college to attend, figuring out where to raise your kids, etc.

Running your own business is not unlike the aforementioned life-altering scenarios.  Certain decisions will make or break your business, so it’s important for all decisions to be based on solid logic and reasoning, with a little bit of your own gut and emotion mixed in.

Most of your day-to-day business decisions, however, are not critical.  If you make the wrong decision, you can adapt and correct your mistake.  In fact, bad decisions are often valuable because they give us solid information about what not to do in the future.

In most cases, I believe the only thing worse than a bad decision is no decision at all.

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Online Passive Income & Blog Update [February '11]

Well, this is officially the longest it’s taken me to post an income report for the previous month! For whatever reason, I don’t like February.  It always feels like my least productive month.  Maybe that’s because it’s usually always (thanks Lyndsy!) the shortest month of the year. And the weather is terrible.  And tax season is right around the corner (which no longer affects me from a professional standpoint, thankfully).

With that said, there were a lot of good things this February – mostly non-internet business related, however.  January was a month of change – February continued that trend, although things are beginning to stabilize.  Keep reading, and I’ll explain.

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For All of You Hostgator Affiliates Out There…Hostgator Responds

Recently, I wrote a post titled “Getting Screwed Out of Hostgator Affiliate Commissions?” where I discussed my frustration as a Hostgator affiliate, because it seemed as though all of my affiliate sales were being labeled “invalid” for one reason or another, causing them to never be paid out.  As it turns out (based on the comments the post received), many of you had a similar issue.

Well, to my surprise today, someone from Hostgator just responded to these concerns in the comments of that post.  I figured this affects enough of you that it warrants its own post here, especially because many of you won’t go and look back at the comments from that post.  Here’s what he said…

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Google’s Recent Algorithm Change: Game Changer for Niche Sites?

You’ve no doubt heard by now about Google’s recent algorithm change that has been responsible for a significant drop in traffic/rankings for some of the largest article/content collection sites on the internet.  I can’t say I’m shocked.  While there are a lot of well-written articles out there deserving high rankings within Google, there is also a lot of garbage – duplicate, scraped content, poorly spun content, etc.

What’s the true impact of this change?  How is it affecting us right now, and how will it affect us going forward, especially with niche sites?  Let’s try to figure it out…

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7 Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurship, Part 1: Impatience

There’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re trying to start a business – and it doesn’t matter if you own Subway franchise, a multi-million dollar consulting business, or a collection of niche websites that aim to earn you money passively.  Businesses large and small, simple and complex, all suffer from the same core problems with varying magnitudes.

To cover these issues (as I see them), I’ve decided to write a short series: The 7 Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurship.  This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of “sins” nor are they issues that ever entrepreneur will face.  Ideally, if you’re doing everything 100% perfectly (which no one does), you won’t experience any of these.  Today, I’ll start with the first one:  Impatience.

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