Buying Your First Home: Are You CRAZY? (Part I – Beginning the Process)

Although this may be a bit outside the scope of what I usually write about, I thought it would be interesting to document my experience as first-time home buyer in Chicago.  It’s been a crazy experience so far.

My fiance and I recently purchased a condo in Wicker Park (a neighborhood in Chicago), and although we haven’t closed yet (that’ll be next month), I have plenty to write about.  Buying a home is usually the biggest purchase most people make in their lives, and doing it for the first time can be exciting, scary, and frustrating all at the same time.

This isn’t meant to be a tutorial in buying your first home, but I think there are definitely some valuable lessons to take away from the experience I’ve had so far.

Because I could probably write volumes on this topic, I’m going to break it up into at least 2 or 3 parts.  This is part 1: beginning the process.

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My Online Income Report – April 2014

Hey, welcome to April 2014’s income report!

For those who aren’t regular readers here, I publish an income report each month to highlight the results of my online activities.  I originally started doing this to hold myself accountable to my results, but I quickly realized that other people enjoy reading these too (which is why you probably see a lot of bloggers publishing monthly income reports these days).

I am absolutely nowhere close to earning a “full-time” income online, but right now, I enjoy being able to supplement my full-time job as a CPA with some income earned from blogging and other online activities that I enjoy doing.

Let’s get to this month’s report…

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How to Earn Money INSTANTLY From A New E-mail Subscriber (Without Selling to Them)

The old saying goes, “the money is in the list.” Frankly, I’ve gotten sick of hearing that over the years.  As someone who has a fairly large e-mail list (around 6,500 subscribers), I make very little money with my e-mail list.

In fact, I may even be losing money with it.

Why do I bother keeping a list? Because the benefits generally extend beyond the money. For example, I was able launch The Daily Interview earlier this year and have instant traffic to it, thanks to my e-mail list.  It’s a powerful resource to have.

Today, I’m going to talk about something entirely different – a way to make money from your e-mail list right when someone subscribes, and you don’t even have to sell to them.

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My Online Income Report – March 2014

Historically, March has always been one of my busiest months thanks to tax season.

When I’m busy “offline”…you guessed it…I’m highly unproductive online.  Fortunately, that wasn’t the case this March.  Despite the heat of tax season and being overall busier-than-normal at work, I still found time to continue working on my online projects (except for this income report, which is being published much later than usual!).

In fact, it was one of my best months in awhile (although still not great compared to what it once was – last March, I earned over $2,000 online).  Part of that was due to a non-recurring payment that I received, and although it won’t be something I’ll have in April, it was still a sign of good things to come.

Let’s see what else happened in March…

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How to Make Money Online by Losing Weight (Not as Crazy as it Sounds)

It may seem a little unusual for me to write a blog post about losing weight.  It’s a bit outside the scope of what I usually write about.

But…I came across a way where you can make a little bit of money by losing weight, so why not, right?

This certainly isn’t for everyone, because not everyone needs to lose weight.  I don’t need to lose weight (I’m not obese or anything), but I’m probably close to being overweight, so I can definitely stand to lose 10-20 pounds. Add that to the fact that I’m having a beach wedding in about 8 months, so it couldn’t hurt to shed a few pounds for the pictures that I may look at once and never again. 😀

Allow me to explain exactly what I’m referring to…

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My Online Income Report – February 2014

I’ve never been a fan of February, and I’ve said it in multiple February income reports. Shorter month, it’s cold outside, blah blah blah…

I’m tired of those excuses.

The only reason things didn’t go well in February (well, they were actually very similar to January) is because I simply haven’t done enough yet.  I’m owning up to it.

However, I have every reason to be optimistic with The Daily Interview, and in this income report, I give the first ever traffic report for my new site.

Let’s get to it.

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