Saturday Bits & Pieces

Here are some bits and pieces to go along with your Saturday morning coffee:

  • I’ve begun working on some products that may be a part of my new muse/business.  The details are still at little bit fuzzy (even for me), but I think I need to just jump in and tweak things as I go.  My current goal is to be able to launch something by the end of April.  I’m trying to get in touch with a few different web designers to get a feel for how much my site would cost to develop.  Once things are launched, I plan on using the 4-Hour Workweek to walk through what I did and how I plan to automate.  Right now, it’s all about getting a functional business up and running.  Later, we apply 4HWW principles.
  • The reason my plan is to have an operating muse by the end of April and not sooner is because tax season is right around the corner.  Free time will be extremely rare for me.  The good thing about this lack of free time is that it will be the perfect environment for me to test out various time-saving strategies.  It’s difficult to make your life more efficient when you have a lot of free time already.  When you’re struggling to find even 30 minutes free in a day (aside from sleeping), time is a luxury and you’re more likely to do whatever is necessary to increase that time. 
  • Speaking of tax season, I’m going to be volunteering this morning/early afternoon through a program called Ladder Up.  I’ll be providing free tax preparation service for low income taxpayers, working with several of my co-workers from my actual job.  Should be interesting to meet these families and help them out. 
  • See my 30-Day Expense Control Challenge update below.  As of yesterday, I’m still on track to succeed.  Having a fixed limit ($500) and a target daily average amount ($16.67/day) is kind of fun to keep track of because I feel like I can save some days and splurge on others.  If I go two days without spending money, I know that it gives me approximately $33 more that I can spend over the weekend.  It’s weird that you tend to stick closely to whatever goal you set – if I had set the goal to be $300-400 for the month, I would probably be spending even less.  Knowing that I have a certain amount that I can spend each day, on average, gives me the feeling that I can accumulate unused “allowed” expenses and use them at a later time.  I guess it’s a small part of this challenge that’s kind of fun.

Have a good weekend.

30-Day Challenge Update – Day 11 (2/5):

Lunch:                               $   6.08
Dinner (for 2):                       26.00
Day 11 Total                     $  32.08

30-Day Challenge Expense Total: $167.63

“Allowed” Expenses Remaining $332.37

Average Daily Expense to Date:  $15.24 (Target Average: $16.67/day) 

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