Monday Evening Bits & Pieces: Tim Ferriss and Evernote, Next Up in the Social Networking Experiment, and More

I hope you had a great weekend and are having a nice beginning to the week.  Without any major posts fresh off the press today, I thought I’d share a few interesting notes with you:

  • Tim Ferris becomes a new advisor for Evernote – If you’ve read The 4-Hour Workweek, you’re aware of Tim Ferriss’ recommendation to use Evernote, a online organizational tool that allows you to capture everything, organize it,  and find it quickly.  It’s basically a platform that allows you to save notes, pictures, links, etc. and allows you to retrieve it all quickly and easily.  I’ve used it a little, but haven’t yet made it part of my normal routine.
    • Last month, Evernote announced Tim Ferriss as an advisor to the company “to make Evernote easier to use, more efficient and just plain better.”  The announcement also includes a Q&A with Ferriss, which you’ll find interesting (especially if you’re a Ferriss fan like me).  It certainly makes me want to revisit how I can incorporate Evernote into my daily routine.  Here’s one quote from the Q&A:

‘What do you find most useful?’ or ‘What do you most often use it for?’

For me, Evernote was most impressive when I realized how many other tools and processes it could single-handedly replace, like bookmarking sites, using browser tabs as “to-do” or “read later” reminders, and even filing documents. I used to have bookmarking systems across different browsers. They were scattered, unorganized and in general disarray—it was a pain. I would also keep browser tabs open as I worked on different projects, which had a tendency, while keeping me on track, to crash the browser. In Evernote, I can tag and organize all these items by notebook and I’m done. This is especially helpful during research projects, when I want to save “just in case” articles and such for future reference but don’t want to spend any time filing them.

  • After a successful beginning to my Social Networking Experiment with my guide to Twitter, I’ve started working on the next part in the series.  I think I’m going to cover StumbleUpon next, which I’m excited about because it’s a fun site to use.  I hope to have that complete within the next week.
  • With Father’s Day coming up, I’m not really sure what to get my father (I don’t think he reads this blog).  I’m thinking either a new Weber grill or a new wallet.  Yes, I’m aware of the large price difference.  I also have a pair of Cubs tickets for next weekend that I’m trying to sell, but perhaps I could just take him to the game.  Any suggestions (leave a comment!)?

Have a great week!

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  1. I use evernote for tracking calendar spread positions. It is very useful as it lets me remind the scope of the trades and what I was thinking when I entered the trade. I actually pay for the one year subscription.


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