Batching & Automation Challenge, Day 12: Recorded Phone Menus with (Review)

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Dealing with a series of phone menus and waiting on hold isn’t something I encounter on a daily basis, but wouldn’t it be nice to automate this annoying process?  Fortunately, a service (FREE!) exists for this.  That service is called Fonolo.

What Fonolo does for you is pretty simple: You set it up to call a company (I recently tried it for calling AT&T), it gets you to the point in the menu where you actually speak to a real person, and then it calls you to connect.  Here’s a simple graphical depiction of the service from their website:

Other things you might want to know about it:

  • They have tons of businesses in their system that you can use this service for (you can search for them here)
  • You can use it with any phone (but they also have an iPhone app).
  • Yes, it’s completely free.
  • You can store account numbers with Fonolo, so that when you’re prompted to type it in, you already have it ready for Fonolo to input.
  • Fonolo creates a detailed call history for each company, with notes and recordings so that you can go back to your call later.

It may not be something you use often, but it’s definitely nice to have something like this in your online “tool kit” so to speak.

Time Savings

Going through phone recording menus and waiting on hold isn’t something I do on a regular basis, so I won’t attempt to quantify the time savings.

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