Weekend Recap & The Start of Muse Research

The weekend has come and gone all too quickly and it’s time for the weekly Sunday ritual of mentally preparing for the upcoming work week and the 9-5 grind (or 7:30 am – 6:00 pm grind in my case).  Here’s a bit of a recap:

The good:  I took a trip to Borders to begin researching a niche for which I could develop a product (one of Ferriss’s suggested ways to find a good niche).  The Borders nearby me was crowded, but I still managed to circle the magazine racks 8-10 times, trying to find a magazine that would both pique my interest and shed light on a potential niche market.

The bad: This proved to be a lot more difficult than I was expecting.  There are hundreds of magazines – why was it so difficult? Most of the magazines were based on broad subjects – baseball, football, gardening, news, politics, music, computing, etc.  Even for something that you would think might be niche, like weddings, there were at least a dozen magazines that I could see.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – weddings are one of the most universally practiced customs across so many cultures.  So how come there weren’t any magazines about divorce?  I bet there are a lot of great products to be developed for that niche.  Many are probably dangerous though…

The good: I did manage to find a few magazines that gave me some ideas.  I’m not going to post specifics, for obvious reasons.  One of the 3 topics is something I’m actually passionate about, so that will likely be a starting point for me.  Unfortunately, the magazines for this topic are not frequently printed, and they don’t contain many ads (maybe this is a bad sign).  At any rate, I can think of a few websites that could be possible platforms for ads, and there don’t appear to be many products available for this niche.  I’m thinking this makes it all the more difficult to actually create a viable product.

The bad: This is unrelated to my research – see my 30-Day Challenge update below.  As expected, the weekend put my average daily expenses above the rate that I need to sustain in order to succeed at this challenge.  I’m not worried though – I don’t plan on eating out throughout this upcoming work week.

30-Day Challenge Update – Day 4 (1/29):

Dinner (restaurant):             $24.00
Movie rental:                          4.68  << Blockbuster is such a ripoff.
Parking:                               5.00
Day 4 Total                        $33.68

30-Day Challenge Update – Day 5 (1/30):

Coffee:                               $ 8.21
Dinner:                                0.00 << Used a Groupon that I purchased last month.
Day 5 Total                        $ 8.21

30-Day Challenge Update – Day 6 (1/31):

Breakfast (restaurant):         $ 10.00
Dinner (pizza):                      13.21
Day 6 Total                        $  23.21

30-Day Challenge Expense Total: $102.45

“Allowed” Expenses Remaining $397.55

Average Daily Expense to Date:  $17.08 (Target Average: $16.67/day)

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  1. It is simple to see that you are passionate about your writing. Great job!


  2. Thanks for the great post! You have a new fan.


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